How is one to remain a student of this world without any ego? Without taking themselves and theirs situations so seriously. What is to be serious? What is it that enables you to retain a full sense of self even when learning about yourself? What the fuck?
Even when the surprise lessons are so hard to digest in their birth, they must be recognized and make sense with the remainder of the self. I am speaking about myself in parts because there are definitely levels to this shit. A complex machine I am; it is.

Stay Woke. They want you to sleep.

Eight. Sixteen. Fourteen.

This is it. This is where we are currently. I feel it even more so that we are at the crux of a movement. A structural-societal armageddon. Something of that magnitude to instill and reinforce the actions of liberty and justice for all. I feel it heavily that these issues of police brutality, internalized racialism, cultural appropriation, and our own bias will have to continuously be at the top of our dialogues, our posts, our thoughts, in order to bring about change.

A change in the way we interact with each other in the minor scale- day to day interactions. A change on a micro level will and can foster change on macro scale, affecting the very broken system presently in place.



If I had a dollar and a camera for every moment that some gentleman told me something touching about my smile and how lucky is the man is to call me theirs… I’have a nice lil’ reserve of cash and videos. ha.
…It’s always humbling to hear. Worth mentioning because whenever they ask if I’m someones lady, I think of you and say yes.

I would say that the thrust of my life has been initially about getting free, and then realizing that my freedom is not independent of everybody else. Then I am arriving at that circle where one works on oneself as a gift to other people so that one doesn’t create more suffering. I help people as a work on myself and I work on myself to help people.
Ram Dass (via stayingunderground)